Wellness Addiction


Nowadays we hear more and more about fitness, gym and movement in general, at the point that physical activity combined with a healthy diet has become a fundamental and almost compulsive aspect of our lives, ,in order to obtain a good shape and prevent every kind of illnesses.

But I often hear the request: “I only want to eliminate this pot belly, two months will be enough?”

We perfectly know who we are talking about: those who arrive at the gym in Spring, expecting to tip over the turtle sleeping from a lifetime.The fault is probably of those gym that don’t sell workouts but dreams and of well-known sport magazines yell with their headlines: “four weeks perfect abs program”, “fifteen super-food will save your life” and above all “maxi-biceps in 90 seconds!”

But what are you saying, what are you writing… what we are supposed to read!

Then it is obvious that people come to us and expect a perfect fit body in two months time.

We perfectly know what it takes to have sculpted abs, biceps swelling t-shirts, we perfectly know because ours is a lifelong workout.

This blog is founded with the aim to spread information on health and fitness world, against the false myths created by false sport fan.The message is that the main purpose of a physical activity is not only “being fit and thin” but also the realization of a state of wellness.It is a condition that puts you in a good mood, makes you feeling agile, self-confident, feeling good with yourself and others, this result is obtained only with perseverance, hard working, with that insatiable desire to feel hearth in your throat, adrenalin growing to high levels…

That’s exactly what training gives to you…

Call it habit, call it routine, we call it addiction!


Andrea Aiuto